7 October 2014

Hybrid Nano Technology Comes to the Commercial Flooring Industry

Floor finishes in the past have used solvent based and water based Acrylics or Polyurethanes. Acrylics for this reason have been used largely as floor polishes, decking seals and concrete seals.
8 December 2014

An Effective Kitchen Cleaning Program assists you to comply with legislation

As a condition of Registration, all food premises and food vehicles are now required under The Food Act 1984 to prepare a food safety program. The […]
24 February 2015

Commercial Cleaning Products

Peerless JAL color coded 1-7 range is a complete cleaning system that has been used successfully throughout Australia in Health Care, Facilities maintenance, Hospitality and general […]
4 May 2015

Shear strength of timber flooring adhesives: Why is it so important?

SHEAR STRENGTH is a scientific measurement of the amount of pressure required to move an object from its starting position. When applied to the holding or […]
3 May 2016

Why Choose Peerless JAL Products for Your Business?

Cleanliness, next to your high-quality products or services, is a crucial aspect to be maintained in operating a retail, recreational or hospitality business. This is essential […]
11 May 2016

Why is a Chemical Manufacturer Endorsing Microfibre? And What is so Great About it?

Most chemical companies have ignored the presence of Microfibre technology. Their reason is the greatly reduced quantities of chemical consumed by customers. However, Microfibre has numerous […]
7 June 2016

10 Effective Cleaning Tips for Hardwood Gym Flooring

Whether in a school gymnasium or other environments related to physical activity, the quality of gym flooring is a factor that affects your safety and enjoyment. […]
2 July 2016

The GHS is coming! Are you ready?

In 2012, following the adoption of the model Work Health and Safety Regulations, Australia began to transition to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), an international system used to classify and communicate chemical hazards.
26 August 2016

Different Types of Timber Floor Finish & Their Benefits

Whether you’re an individual planning to build a brand new home, a homeowner thinking about house renovation or a contractor working on a new construction project, […]
2 September 2016

What is GHS?

In June we wrote to you bringing your attention to the changes taking place in classification of Hazardous Chemicals. In 2012 Australia began to transition to the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), an international system used to classify and communicate chemical hazards.
6 September 2016

A Guide to Stripping and Rejuvenating Your Hardwood Flooring

A common causes of yellowing or discolouration of hardwood flooring is overuse of floor polish without adequate preparation. This will cause dirt to be trapped between […]
1 November 2016

What are the elements of the GHS?

What are the elements of the GHS? In June we wrote to you bringing your attention to the changes taking place in classification of Hazardous Chemicals. In […]
20 April 2017

Peerless JAL’s Online Training Portal is Here

        Peerless JAL’s Online Training Portal is Here We are proud to announce the launch of our online training portal for our valued […]
8 August 2017

Bio Activ Drain – Drain Cleaner and Maintainer

Bio Activ Drain is a ready to use biological drain cleaner and maintainer. Microorganisms maintain piping and prevent clogging by dissolving greasy deposits, soaps, and organic […]
4 July 2018

New floor cleaning technology from Peerless JAL

Announcing the release of two new floor preparation products to the Australian floorcare market. Both products take advantage of new raw material technologies to offer great […]
9 May 2019

Peerless JAL manufacturing facility upgrade underway

  Did you know that all of our cleaning chemicals and products are manufactured right here in Australia? The Peerless JAL team would like to share some exciting […]
16 May 2019

Food safety should be simple and easy to use for everyone

We understand that complying with food safety standards can be a difficult task without the correct system in place. According to feedback from our customers...
29 May 2019

6 Commercial Cleaning Products Designed For Food Safety

The QSR System is a complete food safety program that is safe, simple and easy to use The QSR System is designed specifically for small to […]
13 June 2019

The 3 Golden Rules Of Food Safety For Businesses

  Are you putting your business at risk by not having a comprehensive food safety program? The guidelines around commercial cleaning chemicals and food safety can […]
26 June 2019

The Reason Why Your Commercial Dishwasher Always Requires Descaling

Q-FAST provides your business with an innovative dish washing solution Q-FAST is an essential component of our latest QSR system. The first in Australia to introduce a […]
24 July 2019

How To Refresh Your Floors Using Dr Schutz’s Floor Remake System

  Did you know that renewing the look of an existing floor is more cost effective than installing a brand new floor? By investing in floor […]
8 August 2019

The Internet Of Things is coming sooner than you think to commercial cleaning!

You may be asking what is the Internet of things and how can it change the cleaning industry. If you want to know, keep reading this blog. […]
21 January 2020

You don’t have to replace your old floor, you can simply renew it.

January 2020 Did you know that there are easier (and cheaper) ways to restore a well-worn floor than replacing the entire surface? In fact, not only […]
26 June 2020

Why it is important to clean and disinfect your aged care facility

June 2020 As we reach the midway point of what has been an unprecedented year, the pandemic continues to have a profound and debilitating impact on […]
26 April 2021

Collaboration Drives Innovation & Quality

March 2021 Throughout our rich history we have provided customers with innovative solutions driven by collaboration and quality. Earlier this year we joined the team at […]
10 May 2021

Building for the Future

February 2021 Proudly Australian-owned and family-run, Peerless JAL has committed itself to local manufacturing for more than 70 years. Last year we completed the first stage […]
10 May 2021

Effective Infection Protection

May 2021 Germs are everywhere around us. They can be found in the air, in water, on various surfaces, even on and in our bodies. Many […]
1 June 2021

The Importance of Green Packaging

June 2021 Did you know that Australians throw away nearly 2 million tonnes of packaging each year? That is nearly enough to fill the MCG nine […]
22 October 2021

Is your business, restaurant, school, or bar hygienic and COVID clean?

17 May 2023

Peerless JAL Joins APCO’s Sustainable Packaging Program

May 2023 I am excited to announce that Peerless JAL has recently joined the APCO Australian Packaging Covenant. This is an important step for our company […]