1-7 Series

Colour Identification Cleaning System

Cleaning chemical colour identification system.

The Peerless JAL 1-7 series is our flagship range, and is one of the most trusted, instantly recognisable cleaning systems available.

We offer a complete cleaning system by providing seven high performance commercial cleaning chemicals specially formulated for a variety of applications, from highly concentrated commercial grade disinfectants and washroom maintainers, to ready-to-use surface sanitisers and glass cleaners.

Our versatile range of low-hazard chemicals is conveniently packaged in numbered and colour-coded screen printed bottles, making the 1-7 cleaning series safe to handle, easy to use and the ideal cleaning companion for any workplace seeking risk-free compliance with stringent health and safety standards.

Activ ‘O’ is a concentrated spray and wipe formulation incorporating the grease-cutting powers of citrus extract. It effectively removes greasy soils from walls, plastics, metal, machinery, non-polished flooring, conveying and printing equipment and vinyl upholstery.

Activ ‘O’ effectively removes oil and greasy dirt, soot, soap film, cigarette smoke, algae, mildew stains, cooking oils and stains, and body fats.

* 750ml ready-to-use bottle made from 100% recycled materials; nozzle made from 50% recycled materials