High-performance ware washing solutions for commercial kitchens.

Peerless JAL specialises in providing reliable, highly innovative back-of-house cleaning solutions for commercial dishwashers, glassware washing machines, and any other commercial kitchen cleaning requirement where hygiene is essential.

Wherever food resides, so does the potential for bacteria, which is why effective hygienic cleaning plays a critical role in maintaining a clean commercial kitchen environment. Our highly concentrated cleaning chemicals and dilution control systems are safe to handle, easy to use, and provide efficient, cost-effective hygienic solutions for manual kitchen cleaning and mechanical ware washing.

From dishwashing detergents and sanitising agents to fully automated ware washing systems, we offer highly efficient, highly integrated commercial grade cleaning solutions for any commercial kitchen cleaning requirement including glassware, crockery and cutlery.

Every Peerless JAL ware washing system can be reliably installed by one of our expert team members, and personalised training and advice provided as required.