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20 April 2017
New floor cleaning technology from Peerless JAL
4 July 2018

Bio Activ Drain is a ready to use biological drain cleaner and maintainer.

Microorganisms maintain piping and prevent clogging by dissolving greasy deposits, soaps, and organic matter.

Bio Activ Drain is safe for users and the environment and has been specifically formulated to reduce risks of allergic reactions by eliminating acid and caustic soda. Bio Activ Drain can be used in both horizontal and vertical piping, risers and drain traps.


  • Eliminates the cause of bad odors and leaves a pleasant mint fragrance
  • Works in places that are inaccessible to mechanical cleaning methods
  • Safe for use in plastic, metallic and chrome piping
  • Protects against corrosion
  • Active ingredients from renewable biological and vegetal sources