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7 October 2014
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24 February 2015

As a condition of Registration, all food premises and food vehicles are now required under The Food Act 1984 to prepare a food safety program.

The food safety program requires that premises, appliances and utensils used in the preparation of food, MUST BE KEPT CLEAN AND SANITARY.

The Peerless Jal food service sanitation program addresses the issues of cleaning and sanitizing with effective methods and chemicals designed specifically for the food industry.

Implementing an effective cleaning program requires that the following elements are addressed.

1. Determining Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP).

2. Determine the method and frequency for cleaning of HACCP Areas.

3. Implement operator training to effectively clean.

4. Determine the equipment and chemical required to effectively implement cleaning efficiency.


The Peerless Jal “Food Service Sanitation Program” will assist you to implement an effective cleaning program that will promote ‘Good Hygienic Practices’.

The first step in the implementation of an effective sanitation program is to identify the critical areas that require attention.

Our program provides a comprehensive wall chart that identifies the areas that require maintenance cleaning performed. The areas are identified by colour to emphasize those that are critical. Method, cleaning, frequency, equipment, tools and chemicals are clearly defined to assist and remind the operator of where and when to clean. The wall chart also acts as a staff training tool which assists all premises to conform with legislation.

1. Hand care and personal hygiene: hand and personal hygiene is one of the most important items in a food sanitation program. Many preparations require hand contact to food and if not properly and regularly cleaned and sanitised hands are the quickest means of contamination.

2. Effective kitchen hygiene: Specialty chemicals that provide effective cleaning formulated to make the operators tasks simple and safe. Add the benefit of non or low hazard ingredients and have operator safe chemicals that make good hygiene practice easy.