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3 May 2016
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7 June 2016

Most chemical companies have ignored the presence of Microfibre technology. Their reason is the greatly reduced quantities of chemical consumed by customers.

However, Microfibre has numerous benefits.

We believe as a technology that these benefits must be passed on to the cleaning industry. As Australians are becoming more environmentally conscious, Microfibre should be the way we look to reduce our impact.

Microfibre technology may be the most significant product innovation for the Cleaning industry in the last century.

Microfibre is man-made. The fibres that comprise it are barely visible to the human eye. When woven together, these star shaped fibres have the amazing ability to attract and hold various types of contaminants such as dust, dirt, bacteria and particularly grease.

The tiny fibres are also able to get into tiny nooks and crevices that are out of reach of traditional cleaning methods.

When used dry, the fibres produce a static charge that attracts dirt and bacteria, pulling and trapping it in until the cloth or pad is washed.

When used with Microaid, a capillary force in the microfibre absorbs grease and liquids removing bacteria from the surface.

Microfibre can hold up to seven times its weight in water. Microfibre cloths act like a bionic sponge that uses capillary vacuum force to pull dirt, water, bacteria and grease up and into its micro-fibres and away from the surface, leaving it residue-free.

The benefits users will experience when using Peerless JAL Microfibre:

  • A cleaner space
  • Improved ergonomics and reduced manual handling injuries
  • Reduced water and chemical usage
  • Significant cost savings and increased efficiency
  • Infection control

A Cleaner Space

When we use traditional cloths and mops, the actual make up of these products doesn’t allow all dirt to be “picked” up. And when chemicals are added to the solution we find the mops and cloths simply transfer the dirt around the surface.

So when water evaporates we are left with a chemical and dirt residue on the surface.

Improved Ergonomics and Reduced Manual Handling Injuries

The Microseries creates a better working environment for the cleaner by significantly reducing cleaning time and work related injuries through less lifting of water buckets.

RSI injuries are traditionally more prevalent when cleaners use the old string mop system. When using this system cleaners have to carry buckets of water/chemical solution from one area to another and may have to replenish the solution a number of times during the course of the job.

The traditional string mop system is far heavier and more awkward to manoeuvre around the floor compared to the Microfibre flat mop system.

In contrast, Microfibre mops weigh significantly less than conventional wet cotton mops, making them easier to use. Microfibre greatly improves the ergonomics for anyone involved in cleaning which reduces manual handling related injuries.

With the Microseriessystem the cleaner simply uses a spray bottle and streams Microaid onto the cloth or directly onto the surface when moping and wiping surfaces. No more carrying or dragging mop buckets while cleaning.

Reduced water and Chemical usage

From trials conducted with the Department of education QLD we have experienced a < 60% reduction in chemical costs and therefore usage associated with general mopping and wiping tasks (excluding the use of chemicals in Amenities).

Microfibre mops use up to 16 times less cleaning solution than standard cotton mops, which reduces the use of our most valuable natural resource – water.

Significant Cost Savings

It is estimated that your facility will benefit by reducing chemical use by < 60%, or a 20% real reduction in chemicals costs. This will mean a significant cost saving associated with less chemical purchases as well as freight costs.

The following results have been achieved after proper training, implementation and laundering of Microfibre mops/cloths has been adopted:

  • < 60% life time cost savings on mops
  • < 30% labour savings
  • Less chemicals transported also means a reduced carbon footprint for the user.

Infection/Pathogen Control

Microfibre is designed in such a way that a majority of bacteria and protein is removed from the surface whereas the traditional cleaning system simply transfers the bacteria and protein from one area to another.

Studies show that Microfibre achieves a removal of < 95% protein (food source for bacteria) from most surfaces, improved indoor environment by removing more dust and less chemical residue.

Peerless JAL Microfibre inhibits bacterial growth within the cloth for up to 300 washes minimizing the chance of spreading bacteria by way of dirty cloths. This is achieved by impregnating our Microfibre with silver.