Food Preparation

Food Preparation

Hygienic cleaning solutions for the food service industry.

Peerless JAL specialises in providing reliable, highly innovative cleaning solutions for food preparation areas commonly associated with commercial kitchens, retail counters, and catering facilities.

Good food begins with a safe, clean space, so it is essential that you partner with a trusted, total solution supplier like Peerless JAL to ensure surfaces are so hygienically clean you could literally eat from them. Our highly concentrated cleaning chemicals and dilution control systems are safe to handle, easy to use, and provide efficient, cost-effective hygienic cleaning solutions for kitchens and other common food preparation areas.

From commercial grade surface disinfectants and sanitisers to industrial strength oven cleaners and environmentally responsible chemical dispensers, we offer highly efficient, highly integrated commercial grade cleaning solutions for any food preparation cleaning requirement.

Our numbered and colour-coded range also makes product identification simple, greatly reducing the chance of user error, cross-contamination, or even injury.

Every Peerless JAL cleaning system can be reliably installed by one of our expert team members, and personalised training and advice provided as required.