Acrylic Floor Sealers

High-performance acrylic floor sealers and finishes optimised for Australian conditions.

Peerless JAL specialises in developing professional-grade solvent and water-based acrylic floor sealers and finishes for commercial and residential floors.

Optimised for hard and resilient flooring such as concrete, terrazzo, brick, slate, stone, tile, vinyl, and laminate (and yes, even timber), our high-performance range is easy to apply, fast drying and extremely durable.

Using advanced technology developed right here in Australia, Peerless JAL acrylic floor sealers are specially formulated to be UV stable, prevent discoloration and, most importantly, be safe underfoot.

Available in a variety of sheen levels to suit all tastes, from non-reflective matte to ‘wet look’ high gloss, our acrylic floor sealer range provides superior long-lasting protection and, best of all, requires minimal maintenance.