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26 June 2019
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8 August 2019


Did you know that renewing the look of an existing floor is more cost effective than installing a brand new floor?

By investing in floor remake you will overcome the challenges of hard to clean floors and the need to continuously strip and seal old fashioned damaged flooring.

This floor remake process ensures minimal business disruption and can be applied to a range of different flooring types – making any flooring renovation possible.

To show you how easy this floor remake can be, we put our Dr Schutz products to the test and updated our own floors. 

Watch the full floor remake transformation below.

As good as new: a modern, attractive floor without the cost
and disruption

A new floor is often put into the ‘we really need it, but it’s too expensive and disruptive’ basket. Longstanding floor specialist Peerless Jal’s partnership with Dr. Schutz changes all that, with the company’s confidence in the Dr. Schutz Floor Remake system spurring it to undertake its own renovations.

The top reasons you should update your floors

Before & After Floor Transformation

TEC University of Denmark updated their old flooring to look brand new. Rather than installing new floors, the Dr Schutz range was able to be applied to the existing linoleum flooring. As you can see from the below photos the space has been completely transformed.