Food safety should be simple and easy to use for everyone

We understand that complying with food safety standards can be a difficult task without the correct system in place.

According to feedback from our customers :

  • Hazardous chemicals impose a high risk for injuries
  • Staff turnover means a continuous requirement to train employees on complicated cleaning chemicals
  • Large chemical containers result in expensive stock holdings and manual handling risks
  • Poorly trained employees lead to concerns regarding dilution of santisers


Fortunately, our team has designed the QSR system specifically for small to medium facilities. It provides our customers with a complete food safety program that is safe, simple and easy to use.



  • Designed for food service areas
  • Safe on food contact surfaces
  • Low hazard cleaners for your safety
  • Easy use dilution systems
  • Colour and number coded system


Our team at Peerless JAL is committed to providing innovative cleaning solutions with the needs of our customers in mind.

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