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8 December 2014
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4 May 2015

Peerless JAL color coded 1-7 range is a complete cleaning system that has been used successfully throughout Australia in Health Care, Facilities maintenance, Hospitality and general industry.

The system provides cleaning operators with the means to achieve a safe and efficient workplace by providing premium quality, non-dangerous chemicals as part of a clearly defined workplace system.

The range of premium grade maintenance chemicals provides a systematic approach to selective chemical cleaning. Combining simple identification with bright individual label and chemical colours plus number coding on every label. Added to this is a highly visible wall chart which cross references labels and incorporates application, dilution, dispensing and personal safety precautions.


WHAT to Use – WHERE to Use – HOW to Use All chemicals are featured and cross referenced to colours and numbers in an easy to read colour co-ordinated wall chart. The chart incorporates application, dilution, method of dispensing and personal safety cautions. Enables easy operator training and adopts a systems approach to protecting operator’s health by reducing chemical hazards, making the work environment safer.