Hand Hygiene & Specialty Cleaners

Hand Care & Specialty Cleaners

Specially formulated hand hygiene solutions for everyday use.

Hand hygiene is perhaps the single most effective way to prevent the spread of infection and disease, which is why Peerless JAL prides itself on developing specially formulated hand care solutions to help stop the transmission of deadly germs and bacteria.

Our hand hygiene solutions have been tested and proven to effectively clean hands of dirt, grime, grease and paint, and kill and protect against infectious disease with safe, pH neutralised sanitising agents.

Peerless JAL offers highly concentrated liquid hand wash solutions that, when combined with water, will physically remove germs and soil, leaving hands hygienically clean. Our high-performance hand, hair and body soaps also contain emollients to help condition and soften the skin, and are suitable for use through most dispensers.

Using soap is the most effective way to eliminate virus particles from the skin. However, when soap and water is not readily available, alcohol-based hand sanitisers are a great alternative. Our commercial grade antibacterial gels and liquids contain 70% alcohol to provide superior protection against infectious disease, and their non-greasy, fast-evaporating solutions are mild on sensitive skins.

Ideal for everyday use across all industries, from health care and aged care to food services and hospitality, every Peerless JAL hand care solution and specialty cleaner is safe to handle and easy to use, and expert training and advice can be customised and provided as required.