Why it is important to clean and disinfect your aged care facility
26 June 2020
Building for the Future
10 May 2021

March 2021

Throughout our rich history we have provided customers with innovative solutions driven by collaboration and quality.

Earlier this year we joined the team at Rutty & Breacher on location, as they prepared a Spotted Gum timber sports floor at a college in Mentone, Victoria with our DUAL COAT Wood Floor Seal (Gloss) for the sports seasons ahead. Dual Coat Oil Modified Urethane Timber Seal provides a strong, extremely durable coating and is designed with high slip and wear resistance, certified and tested against international DIN standards for sports floors, which is why Rutty & Breacher choose Dual Coat for their timber sports floor assignments.


Since 1947, this type of job shadowing has been key to us developing industry leading products, and an industry leading team; we take every opportunity to gain as many insights as possible, and even impart some of our wisdom along the way, too. These types of real-time, on-the-job interactions with our partners provides us with invaluable learnings and helps us uncover industry pain-points that may lead to a product improvement, or a new solution altogether.

The ongoing advancement of our team ultimately helps drive our success; by better understanding the needs and wants of our partners, we are able to provide them with effective, cost-efficient solutions.