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Cleanliness, next to your high-quality products or services, is a crucial aspect to be maintained in operating a retail, recreational or hospitality business. This is essential in order to retain your existing customers and in attracting more prospective clients.

Whether you operate an industrial, commercial or sports facility, it’s crucial that cleanliness of the business space is maintained. You can achieve this by using cleaning and maintenance products that ensure effective results such as Peerless JAL products.

As a leading specialty company Peerless JAL supplies:

  • Adhesives, coatings and maintenance products for timber floors:
  • Industrial chemical cleaning products and commercial products
  • Coatings and maintenance products for floors
  • Sanitizers and personal care products for the health and aged care sector
  • Laundry and washing products

The reputation of your business lies on the satisfaction your customers will experience not only from your products or services, but also the ambience of your business facility. Keep in mind that most customers are more likely to be attracted to commercial or sports facilities that present as a hygienic and safe environment.

With clean surroundings, your customers will be convinced that your products, especially food items, are free from contamination. Hence, it is prudent that you should use reliable cleaning products such as those from Peerless JAL.

There are many benefits in using Peerless JAL commercial cleaning products. We ensure proper rollout of our products by providing comprehensive training, expert advice and support on safe handling. We will also assist in the completion of your requirements regarding health and safety through our periodic reporting.

This periodical reporting is performed to ensure the standard of service is consistent over the years of the applicable service agreement. At Peerless JAL we follow a comprehensive checklist in conducting our periodic reporting.

A summary of the reports created will then be sent to management for reference. It contains bi-annual service reviews based on agreement clauses. In the event that a customer is unsatisfied with the outcome or the services provided, a non-compliance notice can be filled out by the manager outlining the area of dissatisfaction. Consequently, an action plan and deadline will be set to resolve the issue and ensure the problem won’t happen again in the future.

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, other benefits that Peerless JAL can offer to your organisation include:

Safe and easy to understand cleaning products

We offer a range of premium grade cleaning products with colour and number coded product labelling for easy identification and safe use. Our maintenance chemicals offer a systematic approach to chemical cleaning.

We ensure premium quality, non-dangerous chemicals as part of a clearly defined workplace system. Additionally, we provide a highly visible wall chart which highlights cross references labels and proper application. It also incorporates appropriate dilution, dispensing and personal safety precautions.

Closed loop laundry and ware washing systems

At Peerless JAL, we highly recommend these systems to further enhance workplace health and safety. This means a lot to your business or organisation as it helps reduce the chance of accidents due to manual handling errors.

It also reduces the possibility of leakages and spills into waterways and drains. Ensuring that correct dilution is applied accordingly resulting in the minimal use of chemicals is also embodied in these systems. It also includes the colour coding of caps to reduce the chance of incorrect product mixing.

Expert support and technical equipment

We employ a team of experienced chemists to provide technical support as well as the availability of onsite testing. This will benefit customers with the following:

  • Technical assistance in “unusual” situations
  • Problem solving and product testing
  • Timely response if sales representative is unavailable
  • Quality assured and tested products

Labour and cost saving environmentally responsible products

At Peerless JAL, we aim to reduce the impact of our products to the environment. Hence, our research and development team explored all possible avenues to achieve complete environmentally friendly systems such as the Microseries.

This particular product is formulated using truly green chemicals that are super concentrated to reduce transport into water resulting in reduced carbon emissions.

It has been tested to ensure a system that advances on conventional cleaning methods including efficiency, ergonomics, and practicality for its users. It uses Microfibre technology resulting in up to 60% less chemical and water consumption.

The environmentally responsible packaging is made of 100% recyclable materials. This helps minimise landfill and your carbon footprint.

A proven track record

A successful and reliable company is an expert at providing desirable results to its customers. This is the philosophy that Peerless JAL abides by.

Our commitment to delivering continuous improvement of facilities, products and processes have kept us in successful operation since 1947 on a national basis with branches in all capital cities and several regional centres.

A systemised rollout

After the acceptance of our proposal, our valued customer will receive a complete site survey for installation and stock requirements. Following the site survey is the installation of wall charts, MSDS and safety signs as well as dispensing equipment. Stock orders will also be supplied including screen printed bottles.

Chemical training is also provided as well as the issuance of certificates. The training program will be created in consultation with management. This systemised rollout ensures periodical service calls occurring both on site and at management level.

National distribution networks

With Peerless JAL’s round-the-clock delivery in most city centres through a network of over 70 distributors Australia-wide, you can be assured of the best possible solution for your business. This also includes the possibility of a single source supply nationwide.

These are among the many benefits you can get from a trusted and environmentally responsible supplier of commercial cleaning products such as Peerless JAL.

We are highly committed to a policy where environmental issues are a top priority in the conduct of the company’s services.

We take pride in our team of specialists who are experts in the field of products and systems for cleaning chemicals and floor care. They are also highly qualified and give expert advice and training for safe chemical handling and proper use of chemicals.

We offer a complete cleaning system that has been relied on throughout Australia for over 60 years. Whether your business is specialising in health care, hospitality or general industry, we have a range of premium products that will meet your specific needs.

So, if your present cleaning chemicals do not deliver the results that you’ve been looking for, it’s about time to switch to one that will. Try Peerless JAL products for your business today and experience for yourself the reasons why they have so many satisfied customers.