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8 August 2019
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January 2020

Did you know that there are easier (and cheaper) ways to restore a well-worn floor than replacing the entire surface? In fact, not only can the alternative save you time and money, but you’ll also be doing your bit to help the environment.

Recently, a tired and easily stained cafeteria floor inside a Southbank (VIC) building was in urgent need of attention. Rather than ripping up the well-worn vinyl surface and re-laying a new floor altogether, we suggested another renewal process, which included:

• Stripping all old coatings off the existing surface;
• Applying Dr Schutz PU Color (Pigeon Blue) to help hide any old colour variations and stains;
• Personalising the look of the floor with unique colour chips;
• Providing long-life protection by applying PU Sealer Matte clear coating.

Not only does the transformation look great, but it eliminates the laborious (and costly) task of a total floor replacement, reducing waste and any unnecessary impact to the environment.

All old coatings were first stripped off the existing vinyl surface (above). Next, Dr Schutz PU Color (Pigeon Blue) was applied with colour chips, followed by two coats of PU Sealer Matte clear coating (below).

In order to achieve this amazing renewal, we first trained then guided a representative from Sebastian Property Services, assisting him with the preparation, installation and application of our Dr Schutz flooring system. With a member from Peerless JAL there to assist and then provide guidance throughout the entire process, he now has the experience, know-how and confidence to undertake any similar floor transformations in the future.

Take a look at a similar floor transformation in this short video (2:26).

At Peerless JAL we take pride not only in our best-in-class flooring products, but also the unrivalled services we provide, including:

• On-site training;
• A training room available to all team members;
• Technical support (e.g. how to achieve a particular look, performance standards, etc.);
• Troubleshooting problem floors;
• Maintenance guidance;
• Product guarantees.

For information as to how Peerless JAL can help support you, please get in touch with us via email here.