Hagleitner Integral 2GO

A highly intelligent, environmentally responsible housekeeping system … ready 2GO.

PEERLESS JAL offers innovative hygiene technology with INTEGRAL 2GO, a highly intelligent, environmentally responsible housekeeping system that uses up to 80% less water than standard dosing devices.

Designed and developed by Hagleitner International, an Austrian company at the forefront of innovation in the cleaning and hygiene industries, INTEGRAL 2GO is the most precise dosing system in its class. It ensures the exact dosage of detergent independent of water pressure, viscosity and temperature, which significantly reduces unnecessary water waste costs commonly associated with similar systems.

Remarkably, just one 2.6 litre cartridge can provide up to 1,300 litres of ready-to-use solution, making INTEGRAL 2GO the most efficient housekeeping system available.

The intuitive touchscreen display makes operation simple, and RFID technology ensures that only the correct cleaning cartridge can be inserted, eliminating any potentially dangerous product mix-ups. Its closed system also protects users from coming into contact with any of the six highly concentrated cleaning agents.

Choose from six highly concentrated cleaning agents for cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of surfaces.
Intuitive touch screen display makes operation simple.
Precise, automatic dosing ensures the right concentration regardless of water presure.
So efficient that one 2.6L cartridge can provide up to 1,300 litres-to-use solution.

The Integral 2GO Advantage


The integral 2GO dispenser is only refillable with the multiFILL cartridge. This means simple and easy handling for your employees. Physical contact with the concentrate is impossible - this means safety for your employees.


Handling of the system is simple, intuitive and convenient. Operating errors are virtually impossible.


We will professionally install the device and train your employees, so that you will have the best-working system from the first minute onwards.


You will use the latest and best system for janitorial hygiene available on the market.


With only six products you are able to clean and disinfect everything. All that with an outstanding price- performance ratio.


Integral will save you storage room. The system is not only convenient, but also tidy.


You decide upon a range which will satisfy all your needs.


Overdosing is a thing of the past. With integral 2GO you always have your costs under control.


Simple, Efficient & Precise


One 2.6 l multiFILL cartridge of concentrated detergent provides up to 1,300 l ready-to-use solution.


Bottles, buckets or automatic cleaning machines, all can be precisely filled up.


By pushing up the outlet nozzle with the refill bottle, the start/stop function is activated and the dosing starts. By inserting the "PIPE integral 2GO" into the outlet nozzle and by pressing the GO button, bucket fill is initiated.


The outlet nozzle and the hose "PIPE integral 2GO" can be removed from the device, cleaned and disinfected.


A closed loop system protects employees from contact with the detergent.


Easy operation thanks to the intuitive touch-screen and straightforward display.


Cost control and consistent quality of the ready-to-use solution based on the ingenious magnetic dosing pump "PUMP integral 2GO" developed by HAGLEITNER. Compared with conventional dosing units, it ensures an exact dosing independent of water pressure, viscosity and temperature.

Sanitary 2GO is a concentrated sanitary cleaner for use with the integral 2GO dispenser.

Sanitary 2GO is a powerful acidic sanitary cleaner for the daily maintenance cleaning. Sanitary 2GO creates a water repelling and deep shine effect on the surfaces as well as leaving a fresh and fruity odour.