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The Reason Why Your Commercial Dishwasher Always Requires Descaling

Q-FAST provides your business with an innovative dish washing solution Q-FAST is an essential component of our latest QSR system. The first in Australia to introduce a commercial grade dish washing tablet with built-in rinse aid technology. The innovative technology is highly effective at preventing excessive calcium buildup, allowing businesses to minimize the need for descaling. A single Q-FAST […]

The 3 Golden Rules Of Food Safety For Businesses

Are you putting your business at risk by not having a comprehensive food safety program? The guidelines around commercial cleaning chemicals and food safety can often be confusing and unclear. How are we sure we are using the appropriate  cleaning chemicals on food contact services? Are we complying with food safety regulations? Are  the commercial […]

6 Commercial Cleaning Products Designed For Food Safety

The QSR System is a complete food safety program that is safe, simple and easy to use The QSR System is designed specifically for small to medium facilities as a complete food safety system for cleaning commercial kitchens and complying with food safety obligations. Our QSR System is comprised of just six easy to use commercial […]

Peerless JAL manufacturing facility upgrade underway

Did you know that all of our cleaning chemicals and products are manufactured right here in Australia? The Peerless JAL team would like to share some exciting news with our customers. Our manufacturing facility is currently undergoing demolition in preparation of an upgrade. The old manufacturing site will be missed but going forward our team aims to expand […]

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