Providing a safe and healthy learning environment is fundamental to effective educational facility management. A clean, comfortable space to learn, play and grow not only fosters higher levels of contentment among students, teachers, and parents alike, but can also greatly reduce the degree of absenteeism caused by illness.

However, effectively maintaining a clean, healthy space patronised by so many people, all day every day, can be a challenge. Buildings and amenities are frequently shared, and students and teachers are regularly within close proximity to one other. This makes infection prevention a difficult prospect without the proper systems in place.

It is why Peerless JAL has been trusted to service Australian educational institutions for more than 70 years.

We are highly experienced in the manufacture and supply of specially formulated cleaning chemicals and dilution control systems, and provide a total cleaning solution to help curb the spread of virus outbreaks in classrooms, playgrounds, gymnasiums, bathrooms, and staff facilities.

We can help drive sustainable, cost-effective cleaning programs that not only protect the health and safety of students and teachers, but ensure operational efficiency in-line with school budgetary requirements.

Our super concentrated chemicals dilute further to meet any cost-saving demands, and our environmentally responsible cleaning systems can satisfy even the most stringent green cleaning protocols. We also provide numbered and colour-coded cleaning dispensers to make product identification simple, greatly reducing the chance of user error, cross-contamination, or even injury.

As a highly experienced hygiene solution partner, Peerless JAL will assess your unique needs and objectives, and provide an appropriate system to ensure consistent levels of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained.

Our expert team can install and help maintain cleaning systems, develop customised training to ensure OH&S compliance, and provide ongoing support and advice as required.

As a preferred and trusted supplier, Peerless JAL prides itself on being innovative, professional, reliable, and environmental responsible.

Our own expert team of chemists
and technical equipment.
Highly efficient dosing and
dispensing solutions.
Easy-to-use numbered and
colour-coded cleaning systems.
OH&S compliance auditing
and periodical reporting.


Peerless JAL offers chemicals and equipment at affordable prices. Their chemicals are pleasant smelling, their staff are friendly, and they provide you with the best chemicals for the job at hand. They also provide onsite training, material safety data sheets, charts, and clearly labelled bottles.

Shenton College, WA

We have had Peerless JAL cleaning systems and chemicals on our site for a number of years now. They provide great service and training, and always return any enquiries in a timely manner. We would recommend them to any business wishing to improve the cleaning standards of their site.

Santa Sabina College, NSW