Health Care

Peerless JAL understands the many challenges faced by health care providers, particularly in today’s unpredictable climate. As the world continues to cope with and recover from a global pandemic, the demand for safe, high-performance hygienic cleaning and infection prevention solutions will continue to grow.

Our vast experience and expert manufacturing capabilities enables us to provide cost-effective, fully-integrated cleaning systems to help ensure optimal health and safety compliance, and enhance the overall quality of service and care for staff, patients, family, and other visitors alike.

Health care facilities are highly susceptible to bacteria and infection, so helping stop the spread of potentially deadly disease is of utmost importance when adopting an appropriate hygienic cleaning program.

Our highly trained team will undertake a thorough operational audit, assess any unique needs and objectives, and provide a solution to ensure consistent levels of hygiene and cleanliness are maintained across all facets of your operation.

Our highly concentrated cleaning chemicals and dilution control systems are specially formulated to perform in a health care environment where the potential for virus outbreaks is high, including operating theatres, patient amenities, and staff facilities.

We can provide hospital grade surface disinfectants, innovative housekeeping systems, unique ware washing technology, industrial strength laundry detergents, powerful floor cleaners, effective odour control solutions, fragrance-free hand sanitisers, and much more. Our numbered and colour-coded range also makes product identification simple, greatly reducing the chance of user error, cross-contamination, or even injury.

Peerless JAL can provide ongoing support and expert advice to ensure performance standards are effectively maintained. Our highly experienced team will help to drive sustainable, cost-effective cleaning programs, ensure that all systems and compliance measures are reliably installed, implemented and audited, and deliver a thorough report periodically.

Finally, we can develop customised expert training to ensure OH&S compliance, no matter the size of health care operation.

As a preferred and trusted supplier, Peerless JAL prides itself on being innovative, professional, reliable, and environmental responsible.

Innovative cleaning product specialists
Fully systemised program rollouts and installations
Customised product training and advice
Periodical reporting and auditing
Leading industry experts for over 70 years
Environmentally responsible green cleaning supplier
Technical support from an expert team of chemists
National distribution networks throughout Australia
Our own expert team of chemists
and technical equipment.
Highly efficient dosing and
dispensing solutions.
Easy-to-use numbered and
colour-coded cleaning systems.
OH&S compliance auditing
and periodical reporting.

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Our facility has been using Peerless JAL products for our cleaning and laundry processes for the past 6 years. Peerless JAL is a great company to work with. The service is fantastic, any queries are dealt with in a quick and professional manner, and the products we use produce great results. I would highly recommend Peerless JAL.

St Louis Nursing Home, SA