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21 January 2020
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26 April 2021

June 2020

As we reach the midway point of what has been an unprecedented year, the pandemic continues to have a profound and debilitating impact on the lives of millions of people globally. Despite the number of active cases steadily falling here in Australia, the threat of disease is still very much prevalent.

This highly unpredictable event has impacted every industry worldwide, none more so than the aged care sector, where preparation and prevention practices are of the utmost importance to ensure a safe, hygienically clean and healthy environment for residents, healthcare workers, families and visitors.

Frequently touched surfaces such as door handles, handrails, toilet flush and sink handles should be kept well cleaned and disinfected, so implementing a disinfection protocol is crucial for all aged care facilities.

Cleaning is an essential part of disinfection because organic matter can reduce and even prevent a disinfectant’s ability to effectively kill more germs. Therefore, it is now more important than ever to ensure a complete program of both cleaning and disinfection is carried out to ensure the highest standard of hygiene.

To ensure appropriate hygiene is maintained throughout your aged care facility, consider adopting an automated cleaning system such as INTEGRAL 2GO, a highly intelligent cleaning system that is simple to use, safe to handle, and environmentally responsible.

Designed and developed by Hagleitner, an Austrian company at the forefront of innovation in the cleaning and hygiene industries, INTEGRAL 2GO includes an intuitive touch-screen display for easy operation, and its automatic dosing system ensures the right concentration every time, regardless of water pressure.

It is the most precise dosing system in its class, and uses up to 80% less water than standard devices. Remarkably, just one 2.6 litre cartridge can provide up to 1,300 litres of ready-to-use solution, making INTEGRAL 2GO the most efficient housekeeping system in its class.

The unit also employs unique RFID technology to ensure that only the correct cleaning cartridge can be inserted, eliminating any potentially dangerous product mix-ups.

Importantly, there are six highly concentrated cleaning agents for cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of surfaces to choose from, including HYGIENIC DES 2GO, a disinfectant with powerful antibacterial properties for superior infection protection.

Choose from 6 highly concentrated cleaning agents for cleaning and disinfecting a wide range of surfaces

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