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2 September 2016
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1 November 2016

A common causes of yellowing or discolouration of hardwood flooring is overuse of floor polish without adequate preparation. This will cause dirt to be trapped between coats and cause a yellow finish on the floor.

What can you do?

You can rejuvenate your floor using a method called stripping.

Floor stripping is the most common and effective method for removing old discoloured floor polish and embedded soil from the floor. Once stripping is accomplished, your floor will be ready to receive a fresh layer of finish.

1. Prepare the equipment

Half fill mop buckets with water. Measure 1 part Peerless JAL All purpose Stripper to 4 parts water.

Do not use regular strippers on timber floors this can cause permanent damage to the floor that will require a complete re sand.

2. Prepare the area

Set up “Wet Floor” signs.

Select an area of about 10 square metres. Place mats at exit points allow wet shoes to be wiped off and avoid tracking stripper solution into other areas.

3. Dust mop the floor

Dust mopping is an effective way of keeping your flooring clean.

Since it uses no chemicals, you may resort to this method as often as you like without fear of harming your flooring, your health or the environment.

You may use either a microfiber or synthetic dust mop for this purpose.

4. Apply the stripping solution

Spread the floor stripping solution over the area with one of the mops. Allow the solution to work on the floor for the recommended time (usually at least 5 minutes).

Do not over wet the timber floor this can cause unwanted expansion of boards.

Do not allow the stripper to dry.

5. Machine scrub

Place the floor stripping pad under the floor machine or use the stripping brush. Scrub lengthwise along boards.

Use the hand scrub pad to detail strip along the edges and in the corners of the room.

Heel the floor machine on badly soiled spots.

Avoid splashing stripper on walls. Take care!

Wet floors are a slip hazard, wear appropriate footwear and wipe feet before walking on other floor areas.

Work in a controlled area to avoid walking on the wet area.

6. Remove the dirty solution

Use a wet pick-up vacuum to remove the stripper solution from the floor. Do not allow the dirty solution to dry on the floor.

7. Rinse and dry the floor

Rinse the floor with Peerless JAL Versadet diluted 1:40, ensure the floor is thoroughly rinsed. Leftover stripper can cause damage to adhesion and your timber floor.

Wipe all skirting boards before they dry.

8. Do a final rinse

Damp mop the floor with clear water for the final rinse. Make sure that all stripper solution has been removed.

9. Clean up the equipment

Clean up equipment immediately at the conclusion of the procedure. Wash buckets and wringers thoroughly rinse and allow to dry.

Thoroughly wash mops, and hang to dry away from walls. All other equipment is either washed or wiped down and stored in the proper location.

Always ensure that all safety requirements and equipment are in place before commencing work.