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29 May 2019
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Are you putting your business at risk by not having a comprehensive food safety program?

The guidelines around commercial cleaning chemicals and food safety can often be confusing and unclear. How are we sure we are using the appropriate  cleaning chemicals on food contact services? Are we complying with food safety regulations? Are  the commercial cleaning chemicals diluted correctly?

Commercial cleaning chemicals and sanitisers are essential products for any establishment that prepares food for human consumption. In Australia, the Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) applies to a variety of businesses and institutions which may provide meals and includes:

  • Caterers & food service businesses.
  • Schools, childcare centres & hospitals
  • Exhibitions & events
  • Food given away as a prize or a promotion.

The FSANZ standard applies directly to food products rather than products such as commercial cleaning chemicals and sanitisers that may be used on surfaces or equipment. These standards are implemented and enforced by the individual States and Territories in which the activity takes place.

Please read the regulations of your state and ensure you meet all state and territory requirements.

Food Safety Standards & Chemical Use

There are 3 important parts in the FSANZ standard that relate food safe practices with commercial cleaning chemicals and sanitisers.

  1. Your business must ensure it maintains food contact surfaces and equipment in a clean and sanitary condition.
  2. In order to maintain this, it is acceptable to use commercial cleaning chemicals and sanitisers.
    Provided they are NOT :
  3. Capable of obstructing any alimentary or respiratory passage, and are not likely to cause harm or injury to the consumer

In order to comply with the food safety standards, it is acceptable to use commercial cleaning chemicals that are not likely to harm the consumer. For detailed information please view the entire standard:

QSR – Quick Service Retail

The QSR system (Quick Service Retail)  has been developed with our customer’s food safety practices in mind. The commercial cleaning products are:

  • Food safe once diluted (when required) and used as per instructions
  • Most products come Ready-To-Use and otherwise has easy dilution methods
  • Have clear instructions for use in food contact areas
  • Are colour and number coded for clear identification

At Peerless JAL, we ensure our customers are well informed by providing regular updates on the latest industry standards and regulations.

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