Since 1947, Peerless JAL has specialised in the manufacture, supply and service of innovative cleaning products and systems for the commercial cleaning industry.

As a leading manufacturer of highly developed and ISO accredited commercial cleaning chemicals, we are able to offer safe and reliable professional-grade housekeeping, dishwashing, food preparation and processing, laundry, hand care, and floor care products and systems. Developed by an expert team of chemists, our highly concentrated cleaning chemicals and dilution control systems provide efficient, cost-effective commercial cleaning solutions, and an extensive national distribution network ensures that our range is readily available, on time, every time.

With a proven track record spanning more than 70 years, our expert combination of premium product, training, service, and support provides a complete chemical solution. Our highly experienced team ensures that all systems and agreements are reliably installed and implemented, and will provide ongoing training and advice as required, nationwide.

As a preferred and trusted supply partner across the healthcare, childcare and hospitality industries, we pride ourselves on being innovative, professional, reliable, and environmental responsible.

Our own expert team of chemists
and technical equipment.
Highly efficient dosing and
dispensing solutions.
Easy-to-use numbered and
colour-coded cleaning systems.
OH&S compliance auditing
and periodical reporting.

Our highly concentrated cleaning chemicals and dilution control systems have been specially designed to provide efficient, cost-effective commercial cleaning solutions.