Peerless Jal - Australian Floor Care Specialists

Timber Pre Clean is formulated for the specific task of removal of body fats, ingrained dirt and greasy residue from timber floors prior to refurbishment with Peerless Timber Seals. Timber Pre Clean must be used as the cleaner prior to refurbishments on all timber floors to be coated with Peerless timber seals, unless the floor has been treated with wax, polish or sealer finish, in which case Peerless All Purpose Stripper should be used in accordance with label directions. Timber Pre Clean will emulsify body fats, ingrained soil and allow the cleaning process to prepare the floor for cut back with screen disks. The complete removal of soil and in particular body fats is crucial to a successful refurbishment program. Failure to carefully preclean prior to cut back can cause loss of adhesion and delamination of seal.