STRATO EXTREME 470-471-472-473


Two component water based PU finish | For extremely frequented areas.

Low emission and almost odourless water based two-component sealer. Based on high quality urethane dispersions for use by professionals. For the highest resistance to chemicals and reduced sensitivity to heel marks. Based on high quality acrylate and urethane dispersions. Complies with ÖNORM C 2354 Class C.

  • Extremely hard wearing
  • Low VOC
  • Highest resistance to chemicals
  • 472/473: Complies with anti-slip class R9 in BGR181 (DIN 51130)

Item Details

  • EXT4705.5L (470 GLOSS)
  • EXT4715.5L (471 SATIN)
  • EXT4725.5L (472 MATTE)
  • EXT4735.5L (473 ULTRA MATTE)