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Jal Terg Oxygenated Laundry Detergent Powder is a high-quality, biodegradable laundry detergent powder for use in automatic and wringer-type machines. It has been specially formulated as a low foam product to make it suitable for use in front-loading machines. It contains active oxygen to remove stains, kill germs and brighten both whites and colours in both hot and cold water.

Jal Terg Oxy the PERACTIVE SYSTEM, contains alkaline builders and water softeners to allow easy machine scrubbing. It contains a lemon perfume to leave clothes with fragrant freshness. The combination of both oxidizing agents guarantees the best possible bleaching result on a large number of stubborn stains and at the same time a hygienically clean wash. The overall washing result is influenced positively, colours and fibres are protected and the overall quality
of the laundry is enhanced.

JAL TERG OXYGENATED is certified under Australian Standard:4146:2000 – Laundry Practice & proven effective against > 99.99% of bacteria in a cold wash.
JAL TERG OXYGENATED can be used in both hard and soft water.

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  • JATEOX1515KG
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