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Peerless Jal Partners is a reward program for our valued Distributor network.

This is an opt-in program, sign up today for the opportunity to earn credits based on volume and growth.

• Eligible customers are Distributors on Level 4 within the Cleaning and Auto industries.

• Volume rebates will be calculated on eligible purchases EX GST in the following brackets:

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• Growth rebate is based on the difference between eligible purchases in the current financial year versus the previous financial year.

• Eligible purchases are Peerless Jal branded chemicals ONLY, excluding the following Timber Seals:

       – Hydrothane Sport

      – MVP Timber Sports Seal

      – Dual Coat

      – Dual Coat Satin

      – Super Finish Seal

      – Fast Dry Penetrating Seal

      – Surface Seal

      – Tung Oil

• Estimated rebates are calculated and communicated on a monthly basis, based on financial YTD purchases.

• Information on estimated rebates are intended as guidance of progress only and provide no guarantee of the final credit amount.

• Final rebates are calculated once a year, at the end of the financial year.

• Rebates will be provided in the form of a credit on your account.

• Peerless Jal reserves the right at any time without notice to:

      a. decline to provide Membership in the Peerless Jal Partners program;

     b. reverse any Member Benefits or credits applied to an Account;

     c. terminate membership in the Peerless Jal Partners program; or

     d. make changes to any aspect of the Peerless Jal Partners program;

     e. terminate the Peerless Jal Partners program.



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