Housekeeping Microseries

A complete, environmentally responsible cleaning system.

Microseries is a specially formulated range of environmentally responsible cleaning chemicals and microfibre accessories designed by Peerless JAL to provide a complete, cost effective cleaning solution for sanitising and deodorising a wide range of surfaces.

The Microaid range of cleaning chemicals is super concentrated in specialised recyclable packaging to minimise plastics waste and has been optimised for use with our microfibre system. When Microaid Glass, Amenities or General is used in combination with a Peerless JAL microfibre cloth or mop, the capillary force in the fibres absorbs dust, dirt, grease, and liquids with increased efficiency.

The reduction in chemical use not only provides a significant cost benefit, but also helps to minimise associated shipping emissions and packaging waste, making Microseries a smarter, greener way to clean.

Environmentally Responsible, OH&S Compliant and Cost Efficient

  • Reduced chemical use resulting in cost savings
  • Up to 95% less landfill
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint for users
  • Easy to dispense and store
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Bucket free cleaning
  • Reduce manual handling when mopping and wiping. Simply stream or spray microaid onto microfibre or surface sparingly from 500ml spray bottle
  • Reduced spending on chemicals through reduced use
  • Significant bacteria reduction when compared with standard cleaning cloths

Each Microseries product has been specifically formulated to produce the best cleaning results.

General cleaning of all hard surfaces
  • Breaks down and encapsulates grease and dirt on multiple surfaces
  • Soil resistant
  • Powerful sanitiser
  • Deodorises as it cleans
Cleaning of bathrooms, and toilet bowls
  • Natural acids remove soap scum, body oils and mould
  • Protective coat to prevant re-soiling
  • Powerful sanitiser
  • Deoderises as it cleans
Glass, stainless steel and computer surfaces
  • Streak free polishing while it cleans
  • Dust resistant
  • Non-rinse
Washes and prolongs the effective life of your Microfibre
  • Contains an anti re-depositing agent that shields the surface after cleaning
  • Natural acid works as a surface sanitiser
  • Non-toxic and non-corrosive
  • Biodegradable; safe for aquatic and bird life

Microfibre Technology

Microfibre technology may be the most significant product innovation to the cleaning industry in the last century.

When using The Peerless JAL Microfibre system, you’ll find that as the key consumer, it is an environmentally responsible solution to cleaning.

Microfibre are man made fibres barely visible to the human eye. It is capable of holding dust, dirt, bacteria, and particularly, grease.