Dishwashing QSR Systems

A complete food safety solution.

The QSR System has been specially formulated by Peerless JAL to provide a highly versatile, complete food safety solution for small and medium food service facilities.

Our ready-to-use range of cleaners, dishwashers, degreasers, and sanitisers is safe to handle, easy to use, and provides an efficient, cost-effective hygienic solution for maintaining a safe, clean kitchen environment.

The QSR System is conveniently packaged, numbered, and colour-coded to make food safety compliance simple, and the non-hazardous cleaning chemicals and easy use dilution systems are safe for use on all food contact surfaces.

Numbered and colour-coded easy-use dilution system.
Formulated and designed to be safe on food contact surfaces.
A complete food safety program that is easy to understand and use.
On-site chart cross-references labels and incorporates application, dilution, dispensing and safety precautions.

An easier way to comply with your food safety obligations

  • Designed for food service areas
  • Safe on food contact surfaces
  • Low hazard cleaners for your safety
  • Ready-to-use
  • Easy use dilution systems
  • Colour and number coded system