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Waterborne Hybrid Exterior Wood Finish

HYDECK Waterborne Hybrid Exterior Wood Finish

Hy-Deck is a water based acrylic hybrid emulsion low film finish for exterior wood and is ideal for coating garden decks, verandas, piers and other garden structures. It has a special wax enriched formula, which repels water and provides excellent protection against water
damage such us splitting, rot and warping caused by water absorption. Hy-Deck has effective antibacterial properties and will inhibit mould, mildew and algae.

Hy-Deck is a UV stable semi transparent finish containing a brown pigment, which will provide additional protection against harsh weather damage, water and will delay the greying of the wood.
After application, Hy-Deck will present a subtle timber colour  showing the grain and texture of the wood, enhancing the natural beauty and finished appearance.


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