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Why it is important to clean and disinfect your aged care facility

As we reach the midway point of what has been an unprecedented year, the pandemic continues to have a profound and debilitating impact on the lives of millions of people globally. Despite the number of active cases steadily falling here in Australia, the threat of disease is still very much prevalent. This highly unpredictable event […]

How To Refresh Your Floors Using Dr Schutz’s Floor Remake System

  Did you know that renewing the look of an existing floor is more cost effective than installing a brand new floor? By investing in floor remake you will overcome the challenges of hard to clean floors and the need to continuously strip and seal old fashioned damaged flooring. This floor remake process ensures minimal […]

The Reason Why Your Commercial Dishwasher Always Requires Descaling

Q-FAST provides your business with an innovative dish washing solution Q-FAST is an essential component of our latest QSR system. The first in Australia to introduce a commercial grade dish washing tablet with built-in rinse aid technology. The innovative technology is highly effective at preventing excessive calcium buildup, allowing businesses to minimize the need for descaling. A single Q-FAST […]


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